What is tentmaking?

The term tentmaking refers to the work of the Apostle Paul. He was a tentmaker by profession, and made a living through his trade while he was on his mission journeys. Today, the term is applied to businesspeople, professionals, and students who move to other cultures in order to contribute to that society with their skills while simultaneously reaching out with the good news about Jesus Christ. A job well done is a strong testimony about the Lord we serve, and the examples we set in our work often open the doors to good conversations about faith.
Religious freedom is restricted in many nations today, and Christian missionaries have limited or no access to a great number of people groups. Christian workers, students and businesspeople are, however, welcome everywhere. That’s why we believe tentmakers are an essential group God will use in order to fulfill the task of bringing the Gospel to all peoples and nations.
If you would like to learn more about tentmaking, you can read the article "Why Did Paul Make Tents?
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