Aims at building a South American tentmaking movement

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He is the father of four, owns a recently opened coffee shop, works in an insurance company and has just started a branch of Tent in his own nation. Gustavo Borges still wants to see more things happening. 

Persecution targets Christian women

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Persecutors are not gender-blind. Maltreatment of women often includes sexual violence.

Powerful ending of Dominican course

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No one had foreseen the touching moment God provided at the end of the GO Equipped-course in Dominican Republic March 9-11.

Record numbers planning to go

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Tent Nigeria got a kick-start at numerous events in February. A record number of people are now preparing to go as tentmakers. – We did not expect this kind of outcome, says Tent Nigeria´s director, Victor Agbonkpolor.

Impacted by India

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– God, what should I do now, prays Priscilla Aderemi as she drags her bag out of the airport in the city of Lucknow in northern India. At age 22 she has left her homeland Nigeria for the first time. Now she has no idea where to go.

Limits freedom for workers in China

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New regulations may limit the religious freedom for millions of Chinese Christians – and for many of the numerous expatriates working there.

Assigns Sunday for the unreached

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An alliance for the unreached people groups will make Pentecost a day with a special focus on those who have not yet had a chance to hear about Jesus.

Best mission books of the year

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Globalization, poverty and reconciliation are central focuses in what the magazine Christianity today has picked as the best mission books of 2017.

Important New Year questions

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At the start of a new year, many people make decisions about aims they will have in the coming year, or about things they want to change. Here are three important questions you should ask when you review your New Year resolutions:

Anything you would like to discover?

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Tent´s new 48-week, online «GO Discover»-program will help people to uncover more of their God-given design and calling.