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To succeed as a tentmaker, it is important that you prepare well. A GO Equipped Tentmaking course is a great starting place. The course has been developed in collaboration between Global Opportunities and Tent and provides a comprehensive introduction to the most central subjects with which you should familiarize yourself before you begin to study, work or do business overseas. Global Opportunities and Tent follow up with a large number of active tentmakers, and the course content is updated according to what we deem to be the greatest needs for tentmakers.

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Equipping and mentoring

Tent has 15 years of experience in equipping and mentoring tentmakers, and it is this experience which has provided us with insight into what the most common challenges for tentmakers are. We offer personal mentoring for everyone who views tentmaking as a viable option, including people of all ages and skill sets.

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"Working Your Way To The Nations "

If you want to learn more about tentmaking, you can download a free copy of the book "Working Your Way to the Nations". It contains plenty of relevant information as well as several tests you can take to find out how you can better prepare yourself. Do not be discouraged if you score poorly on some tests! Feel free to contact us so that we can help you address your areas of difficulty and prepare you in the best possible way.

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