Uncover your God-given potential!

Prepare yourself for an exciting journey where you will find out more about how God has designed you and how He can use your skills, profession or studies to serve him. In collaboration with other participants from around the world, you will discover more of God´s great mission, His commission and how you can live and work for him wherever you are. The program offers a good combination of theory and practical application. You will get insights into a variety of subjects spanning from how to find and develop your life purpose, to budgeting and crosscultural communication and leadership.

1. Study how God calls us to bring the Gospel to new places and to the ends of the earth:
God´s calling to take the Gospel to all nations is just as valid today as it has been earlier. It is exciting to take part in God´s redemptive work around the world.

2. Prepare yourself for the life God calls you to live:
No one is born fully equipped, and throughout life we can learn more and improve our God-given skills. Our experienced mentors will walk alongside you on your journey.

3. Develop your skills for operating in another culture:
Sharing the Gospel with people who have not yet had a chance to hear about Jesus, is at the heart of Tent´s mission. We will guide you into the colourful cross-cultural landscape that God has created.

4. Do field research that will help you to understand more about culture and missions:
Theory and practice goes hand in hand when we help you to develop a field-based research project either locally where you live, or aimed at a place you sense God might call you to in the future.

The journey
When we say yes to follow Jesus, we cannot be sure where he will take us. We do however know that we will travel together with the one who has designed us. He has called us to use our skills to glorify him, and to make the good news about his kingdom known to the whole world. Let us start moving!

As you take part in the program you will get monthly mentoring sessions with mentors from Tent International. You will also have the option of taking a DISC assessment and debriefing sessions with certified trainers. This will help you to discover more of your God given design. All teaching and follow-up is web-based so you do not have to travel anywhere to join the program. The online platform allows us to bring students together from different parts of the world, so you may end up in a study group where you can make friends with people living in many nations.

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