What can Tent do for you?

Tent wants to collaborate with everyone who has a desire to make Jesus' name known in new places. As a resource for tentmaking, we can help in many different ways depending on what your needs are. Here is a list of the areas in which we can help you:

For everyone

For those who are planning to study, work or do business in other cultures

For those who already study, work or do business in other cultures

For those who have returned to their passport nations


For everyone:



Our monthly e-newsletter, Intent, gives you up-to-date information about the worldwide tentmaking movement.  Through Intent you will meet students, professionals and business people who have already gone to other nations to study, work, and share the good news about Jesus.  

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Seminars and Courses

Every year, in many different locations, Tent hosts several seminars and courses about tentmaking. We can also tailor-make a seminar in your church, group or fellowship.

Our teaching on tentmaking and on how we can integrate our faith in our everyday lives usually brings two main results:

One, new groups of people realize that they can move abroad to work and reach out with the Gospel at the same time.

Two, people who continue to live in their own cultures receive new visions of how they can integrate their faith into their lives in new ways.

Contact Tent by using the form in the right column if you would like to invite a Tent representative to teach or lead a seminar on tentmaking in your church or fellowship.



Do you believe that studying or working abroad is a good option for you? Then Tent would like to help. You are not expected to know for certain that you will go as a tentmaker before you connect with us. We are used to meeting people where they are in their process and giving advice on possible ways to advance. Please contact Tent by using the form in the right column if you would like to have someone to talk to as you are moving on in your walk with Christ.


For those who are planning to study, work, or do business in other cultures



If you have already decided to work abroad, Tent would be happy to assist you to make you thoroughly prepared when you go. In the preparation process we can offer:

  • Contact with other tentmakers    
  • A checklist ensuring that you will think through the most important matters you need to consider before you go
  • Prayers from Tent prayer partners
  • Mentoring
  • Courses
  • Job-finding assistance

Please contact us by using the form on this webpage to learn more about how we can be of help to you.


For those who already study, work, or do business in other cultures


If you have already moved overseas, but feel that you would like to learn more on how to be an effective ambassador for the Kingdom of God where you are, we would very much like to connect with you. Use the form to let us know that you would like to get in touch with us. We will then contact you either through phone, Skype, or e-mail, according to your preference.


Mentoring and follow-up

Tent mentors tentmakers from several nations. We want to help the people with whom we work to fulfill the calling God as given to them. Our mentoring and follow-up services include:

  • Intercession from Tent's prayer network
  • Regular mentoring and follow-up conversations via phone or Skype
  • Support through email
  • Connection with other tentmakers
  • Tips on relevant courses and seminars in the region where you live
  • Access to Tent's insurance partners
  • Regularly mailed encouragement packages

Please contact us if you live overseas and want to have a link to Tent.


For those who have returned to their passport nations:


Several overseas workers struggle greatly when they return “home” to their passport country and the culture in which they were raised. To assist with the difficult process of readjustment, Tent offers re-entry mentoring for returning students and workers. Contact us if you have returned from work or studies overseas and wish to discuss the issues you are facing.

We would love to hear from you. Please use this form to connect with us: