You are welcome on board!

We invite you to become a part of Tent International's support team. Here are some ways in which you can contribute:

Tent prayer team

As a member of our prayer team, you will receive a biannual leaflet with information on tentmakers associated with Tent, and on Tent's work in general. If you would like to follow the tentmakers even more closely, we will be happy to forward to you all of the prayer requests we receive as soon as we get them.

Tent shareholder

Tent is organized as a limited company because we want to work together with people who “own" the vision that students, professionals and businesspeople can bring the Gospel to all nations. You can become a partner in Tent by buying shares in the company. Each share costs €20, and you must buy a minimum of seven shares (€140) in order to become a co-owner. 

Tent supporter

Tent supporters give to Tent's work on a regular basis. You decide how often and how much you want to give. All donations will be used to support Tent's work of recruiting, equipping and mentoring tentmakers. You can choose to give earmarked donations towards Tent's courses or Tent's mentoring of active tentmakers, or you can give where the need is the greatest.

Tent co-worker

Tent is always searching for good people who want to strengthen the tentmaking movement so that students, professionals and businesspeople can bring the Gospel even further. Would you like to contribute by donating some work hours to Tent? Contact us!

Yes, I would like to contribute to the worldwide tentmaking movement. 

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