You are more than a businessperson!

Ever since Jesus' time, businesspeople have played a key role in bringing the Gospel onwards to new places. Australian Bishop Harry Goodhew said it this way: "In the earliest time of Christian missions the saving news of Jesus was often brought to new places by those who were seeking to do business."

Commercial businesses in many ways constitute the heartbeat of society. Business activities can make people connect and relate across communities, cultures and nations. It is these networks which often allow for the Gospel to be brought to unreached regions all over the world.

Tent wants to encourage Christian businesspeople to view business and mission not as separate entities, but as an integrated whole. Why?

  • Honest business fosters development. Throughout history we have seen how commercial activity based on Biblical values ​​and principles brings growth and progress.
  • Most of the unreached people groups are living in nations where missionaries are prohibited; Christian businesspeople, on the other hand, are welcomed everywhere.
  • We believe in a creating God. Many businesspeople and entrepreneurs put to good use the creative skills that the Lord has given to them. The initiatives they take and the development they create can often point towards the Creator.
  • The unemployment rate is very high in many of the nations where the Gospel is least known. There is a great need for Christian businesspeople who can share their expertise and create new sustainable businesses.

One of Tent's visions is to reach all workplaces with the Gospel; after all, a workplace is a meeting place between people who know Jesus and those who are not yet familiar with him. According to Barna Research, friendships between Christians and non-Christians are the main reason why new people start to believe in Jesus. By being honest workers and businesspeople, and by building friendships with the people we have around us, we can show who Jesus is in word and deed. 


The article "Why Did Paul Make Tents?" can give you some ideas on how you can integrate your faith into your everyday life as a businessperson. You can also visit the Business as Mission Global Think Tank for more inspiration.


Please contact Tent through the form in the right column if you are thinking of serving God by using your business skills in another culture or nation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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